Tuition Policies for Kindergarten
Terms and Conditions


  •  Tuition fees are calculated on term basis and are paid by cash, personal or company cheques.
  •  Cheques are subject to realization and it is the parent's responsibility to ensure that the fees are paid on or before the due date.
  • Return cheques are subject to to QAR 1000. - penalty and no more cheques will be accepted on the succeeding payment.
  •  If you register your child in first half of the term, full term would be applicable. If the child is registered in the second half of the term then half term would be applicable.
  • The initials fee will be due on or before 10 days of the start date mentioned on the application form.
  • If your child does not start within one week from the date specified on the form as start date he/she will automatically lose the space.

Late Fee Payment Penalty:

  •  QAR 30/ - per day will be charged if payment is not made during the allotted time.
  •  If payment is not settled within 10 days after the allotted time, your child will lose his/her space at the kindergarten.


  •  EldErtrEE kindergarten must be informed in writing, when going on holiday.
  •  No fee adjustments wile made in case of absences/holidays under any circumstances.
  •  If your child is away from the kindergarten for more than two weeks without any prior notification then he/she will lose the space.
  •  In case your child leaves (for any reason) mid-term, during the term and decides to come back, it will be depending on the availability of space.

Summer Holidays:

  • EldEtrEE kindergarten is open during summer.
  • Summer details will be available at the end of April 2014, the opening of the program depends on the number of children registered.
  • Those who require summer program should register separately.

September Retainer:

  • A deductible retainer of QAR 2000/-is required from all children to book space for the next academic year by 15th April.
  • This retainer will be non-deductible if your child is not back to the kindergarten within 15 days of the commencement of the academic year ( September 8 ) and your child will lose his/her space at the EldErtrEE kindergarten.

EldErtrEE kindergarten will be closed for all government holidays such as

  •     Eid Al Adha - one week
  •     Qatar National Day - one day
  •     National Sports Day - one day
  •     Midterm break - one week

Full tuition fee is applicable during these holidays

Late Pick-up Penalty:

  •   Children picked up later than 14:30 p.m. will be charged QAR 50/- per hour or part of the hour.


  •  No fee adjustments if you withdraw your child mid-term.


  •  5% sibling discount available on term fees if payment is made on or before the due date.

All fees are non-refundable under any circumstances.

Waiver: EldErtrEE kindergarten retains the right to change its policies without any prior notice. Regular updates as to changes will be available at the reception/parent notice board. The institution cannot be held responsible for non-availability of information.